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Darja Rakitina

Marketing | Event Organisation | Office Management

BEng, MSc Medical Imaging | Passionate about brain research and its potential to create a healthier, more sustainable world. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Swansea University, UK. During my time there, I completed my thesis on deep learning algorithms for melanoma recognition. My studies also encompassed a wide range of engineering topics, including structural materials, biomedical fluid flow, and signals and systems in electrical engineering. My primary interests were in skin and brain research. After earning my bachelor's degree, I decided to shift my career focus to diagnostics and monitoring. This led me to the Netherlands, where I completed a Master's program in Medical Imaging at Utrecht University. My internship with Brain Science Tools, supervised by Dr. Vink, formed the final project of my master's degree. This project focused on “The Design of a Cloud-Based System for the Analysis of TMS-Based Motor Maps Acquired with the Neural Navigator (NeNa).” Currently, I work with Brain Science Tools as a marketing and event organization specialist, while also assisting with office management.