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Matlab course for life sciences: winter 2016

This course is intended for life science researchers who want to use Matlab for research purposes. Matlab is a high-level programming language intended for scientific computing and visualization. Besides focusing on Matlab, we will focus on more general concepts and best practices for software development and coding, allowing participants to write efficient, well documented and reusable code.

The users do not need to have any prior experience with programming, but a quantitative and analytical mindset is recommended. Basic knowledge of mathematics and algorithms is assumed. Although the course is aimed at experimental life scientists, it can be useful for other domains where images and temporal signals are analyzed routinely. The last 2 sessions are geared to processing typical images and temporal signals encountered in the neurosciences.
The course will take place in weekly sessions of 2 hours. The first hour we will teach you basic concepts in interactive lectures, and demonstrate examples and practicalities of Matlab. The second hour is devoted to hands on programming using targeted assignments covering the topic of the day. The lecturers are skilled Matlab programmers and scientists, and will supervise the practical sessions.

Participants are expected to bring their own laptop for the practical sessions, with Matlab preinstalled.

Online registration will open as soon as the next course is planned.   

When you have further questions, email us at and we will reply as soon as possible. Telephone calls are only possible after an appointment by email.

After 2 highly successful course series in 2014 and 2015, we decided to run the course twice in 2016. After the recent summer edition, the next course is planned late 2016, in November and December. See below for the tentative schedule (please note that exact times might still change).

Course fee (ex VAT):

Academic participants (from a University, College or University Medical Center): 500€ 
Government or business participants: 1000€



You can register online by filling our this form. Payment instructions will then be emailed to you.

Tentative Programme

All courses are from 18h to 20h, and take place on Utrecht University Campus. The course room is W117 ('rabozaal') at UtrechtInc.

Please note: The programme below might be subject to small changes, which will be announced here (if any).

Day Topic
Fri 04/11, W117 Introduction to Matlab & introduction to programming
Mon 07/11, W117 Basic structure of Matlab: matrices, indexing, variables, built-in functions
Mon 14/11, W117 Main principles of software development: design, scripts, functions and coding
Mon 21/11, W117 Working with Matlab graphics: plots, scientific graphs, 3D renderings and many more
Mon 28/11, W117 Writing graphical user interfaces
Mon 05/12, W117 Writing functions and scripts in Matlab: your first own programs
Mon 12/12, W117 Special topic 1: image processing (focus on MRI images)
Mon 19/12, W117 Special topic 2: temporal signal processing (focus on electrophysiology)

Course venue

The course will be organized on the UtrechtInc premises, Kruytgebouw, "De Uithof", Utrecht University Campus. UtrechtInc can be found on the first floor of the Kruytgebouw. Click here for directions.